Injuries in bodybuilding: how to avoid them and buy clenbuterol

Injuries in bodybuilding – one of the most evil and ruthless enemy of the athlete. Not only do they say “STOP” to your training, but the progress and thrown back a few steps back. Having once injury then you will remember it all the time, as it will take you to be felt for a long time, legal clenbuterol.

Since the weight of athletes in training raises no joke, and the safety equipment in the gym is to be on top, clenbuterol. As a rule, because of its non-compliance there is a heap of trouble not only for athletes but also for those who owns the gym. Injuries occur in most cases, the desire to surprise your friends and colleagues. And no matter what, it may be unrealistic weight or intricate machinery. The result is usually one – injury, a dislocation or sprain, clenbuterol for sale. The gyms are born champions, but the approach to record the weights need to carefully observing all the possible ways of insurance.


Training the muscles to the load is the basics of any sport. Including bodybuilding, well-warmed muscles is much easier to accept theproper-warm-up-to-enhance-performance_facebook load. The training can be divided into two stages, clenbuterol order, a preliminary heating of muscles and warming up a separate group just before the execution of the exercise.

Pre-heating buy clenbuterol online and takes place during the warm-up before training, but in order to perform that training specific muscle group should be the first to approach the exercise with light weight.

Implementation of these actions should not take you much time, but will avoid injuries.

Below we look at the most extended ones kind of injury.


Weightlifting belt

Most people who start to engage in the gym, think heavy athletics belt protects the lower back by pressure on the back muscles, legal clenbuterol. In reality it is not so. Firstly, the belt protects the abdominal muscles from tension and the risk of a hernia when lifting heavy weights. Secondly, the compression increases the intra-abdominal pressure, which is as it backs inside muscles of the back.

Elastic bandages

Bandages are the second main element of the equipment that is used in the precompetitive cycle weightlifter. The athlete must bandaged tightly, but not so tight that it took two people to help get up and carry on the platform. Wrapped in bandages wrist. During the many exercises for the wrist rests a huge burden. Buy clenbuterol.

Finally a few general tips.

Keep track of the weight of the bar, if exercise alone. Bench press with heavy weights is dangerous to carry out without the fear of a partner. You also need to gradually increase the weight training, and not try to lift very heavy weights, overloaded pancakes. It’s not the quantity but the quality.

Control the speed of the exercise and breathing. No sudden jerks, but smooth lifting and lowering the weight, clenbuterol for sale otherwise there will be serious problems with the ligaments and joints.

Make sure the pancakes mounted on the fretboard. I think it is easy to imagine what might happen otherwise, clenbuterol online.